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Day in the Life...

I was out showing properties today and here's a few takeaways:

1) People are purchasing homes downtown for flips and paying to much on the initial purchase that they're overpricing the homes significantly when complete to make up for small margins;

2) There's to many people buying the same stuff at Home Depot and not bothering to consult a designer or real estate agent to find out what buyer's want and like in today's market;

3) Unless crown moulding with roses is at least a 100 years old and part of a homes original construction, it should not deliberately be installed;

4) Painting everything beige and then accenting bathrooms with primary colours can cause headaches;

5) Real estate agents selling their own home should know the importance of confirming showings;

6) Even though building a home from scratch provides the opportunity to avoid ugly, not everyone takes it.


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