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Andre's Services To Sellers


Andre provides you with straight forward advice on the best way to prepare your home for sale, how to minimize potential issues that buyers are likely to identify, and how to maximize the perceived value of your home.


My Services To Sellers


Andre and his team develop a marketing strategy and material using professional photographers, and designers. The goal is to leave an impression with buyers and agents to make your home stand out from the rest.


Together, we’ll develop a strategy that gets your home noticed by potential buyers, including a significant online presence. 80% to 90% of home buyers now begin their home search online. An internet marketing strategy for your home is essential in today’s tech savvy world!


When at the table reviewing an offer, you need someone that will provide you with all your options and fight to get you the best deal. At that crucial time, you'll be in good hands with Andre's experience.


The worst thing that can happen when you’re selling your home is your agent falling off the planet and not communicating with you on a regular basis.


Selling your home is a collaborative process. Andre commits to his clients that he will communicate openly and frequently with them throughout the home selling process.


To find out more about the services Andre provides, give him a call at 416-662-1001 or click here for other contact methods.